fiber_manual_record Honoring veterans for their service by supporting veteran health, education, loan, and reintegration programs

fiber_manual_record Standing for a strong national defense with a prepared, properly equipped and capable military

Small Government

fiber_manual_record Holding government accountable and limiting the power of federal bureaucrats 

fiber_manual_record Supporting the constitution

fiber_manual_record Limiting government and maximizing individual freedom 

Strong Business Environment 

fiber_manual_record Private sector creates jobs, not big government 

fiber_manual_record Regulatory reforms to help businesses succeed 

fiber_manual_record Lowering corporate taxes to be more globally competitive

Border Security

fiber_manual_record Supporting border agents with the necessary equipment to fight against human trafficking and drug smuggling

fiber_manual_record Creating a secure border to stop illegal border crossing  

fiber_manual_record Stopping tax dollars from going to sanctuary cities that choose to protect illegal immigrants over American citizens  

Energy & Agriculture 

fiber_manual_record Energy independence and encouraging the opportunity for free markets to pursue renewable energy

fiber_manual_record Supporting an environment for farming and ranching to succeed

fiber_manual_record Protecting property ownership of farms and ranches